Arno Koch: Chronologic summary work experience

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Function Senior consultant
Company Blom Consultancy
Period 1997 –
  • Implementing full scale World Class Performance in Middle and Large sized companies, multi-nationals, care- and cure organizations, training for shopfloor, middle and upper management, board.
  • Transformation of function oriented organizations to process oriented organizations.
  • Author of books, software, course material, workshops & seminars.
  • Teacher at CETPM (Ansbach University).
  • Teacher at Radboud University (Nijmegen).
  • Guidance of knowledge tours to Japan and USA.


Function Independent IT consultant
Company Koch IT & AD
Period 1995 – 1997
  • Information-analyses, system design and system development.
  • Process- and system design.
  • Tailored training in the fields of logistic management; system-design, system development and system administration.


Function Manager
Company Digidata Holding BV (Ltd.)
Period 1992 – 1995
Contents Management Digidata Holding BV (Including Onyx Automation BV, Digidata Computers BV, HiCom Industrial Ltd.) This function is characterized by a wide scale of tasks, often under high pressure. The activities range from management tasks to productive tasks, such as software development, implementation, consulting, analyses etc.


Function Automation Entrepreneur
Company Onyx Automation
Period 1988-1992
Contents Automation services and support for smaller companies especially made to measure software and training.


Function Head of the Informatics Section
Company Hogeschool Schoevers Eindhoven (business training college)
Period 1988 – 1992
Contents Organizing and carrying out informatics courses in the Schoevers section ”Part-time Education”. The students were divergent age, level and background. Development of several tests for national and regional use.


Function Technical Assistant for lab-lessons
Company Eindhovens Protestants Lyceum (college-prep secondary school)
Period 1987
Contents Technical preparation and assisting laboratory lessons. Developing lab manuals. Carrying out and supervision laboratory lessons biology. Organization and supervising excursions.


Function Supervisor
Company Foundation for Young Researchers, Eindhoven
Period 1986-1988
Contents (Research) supervision and instruction of pupils in the age of 12-24 years, setting up and developing research plans, instruction material, etc.


Function Freelance work in automation
Company Several
Period 1986-1988
Contents Preliminary to the establishment of ”Onyx Automation”, I carried out several automation projects. Included were hard- and software, analysis, consulting and training.


Function Research employee
Company DSM Research BV, dep. Environment and Safety Research.
Period 1985-1986
Contents Development of a NEN-norm test (toxicity examination) including instruction manual and software.