Download Makigami Forms

The Makigami forms are downloadable in PDF format and can be printed on A0 format.

Every better copy-shop should be able to do so for you.

In the PDF you will find 3 forms

the ‘head’ section:

First form, left section

a middle section:

Second form, middle section

a tail section:

First form, right section

For the analysis of a complicated ‘current state’ you might need multiple middle sections. We used more than 20 occasionally!

A typical future state would easily fit on a head plus tail section

Click here to open the PDF files and save them to your computer:

MAKIGAMI FORM A0 (Deutsch – German)
MAKIGAMI FORM A0 (Nederlands – Dutch)

If you need different languages, please provide us with a translation and we will post a translated version for you.

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