Quick Scan Stock

Use the following quick scan to find out what’s going on in the warehouse and eliminate the losses you’ll discover!

Customer demand

  • How many SKU?
  • How many SKU make 80% volume?
  • Re-Ordering frequency?
  • What is customers demand of delivery time?
  • What is quantity demand?

Out of Stock

  • How many Out of Stocks?
  • At which SKU?
  • Is this Random – clustered – Seasonal?
  • What is out of stock Value (material)
  • What are its direct costs (administration, extra transport)
  • What are its indirect costs (lost sales, extra cost of emergency and crash scenario’s, destruction/landfill)

Manufacturing capability

  • Design capacity equipment?
  • Current capacity?
  • Changover-time?
  • How many FTE on equipment?
  • How many FTE on planning?
  • How many FTE on handling?

Raw materials

  • How many different raw-material?
  • How many make 80% of used volume?
  • Delivery time?
  • Are there large fluctuations in demand i.e. due to seasons?
  • How many suppliers?
  • How many deliver 80% of volume?
  • How many shipments are received per supplier per day/week?
  • How long from receiving until stored and booked?
  • Is there a return flow from the factory to supplier of store?
  • What is raw material stock value in Money and Time?

Special conditions

  • How many articles require special handling/storage conditions (temperature controlled, etc)

Supplying from store

  • Who orders raw material from store?
  • How is this done?
  • How many deliveries from store to shopfloor a day?
  • To how many locations?
  • How long does it take from ordering to supplying to shopfloor?

Handling administration

  • How are store data treated?
  • What is the signal to reorder?
  • How is being ordered? By whom?
  • How long does the processing of óne order take? (In- and out?)
  • How long between ordering and payment of invoice?
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